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Meaningful Career Paths as a Mentor

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Meaningful Career Paths as a Mentor

Meaningful Career Paths

Whether you are a recent graduate or a mature adult who has been in the workforce for years, you have probably noticed that it is becoming more and more difficult to find meaningful career paths with a general degree. While many people begin an undergraduate degree with the intention of pursuing a Masters someday, sometimes that just isn’t feasible in your particular life’s circumstances. This doesn’t mean however that your general degree has to go to waste, in fact; it may be just the ticket to the most rewarding career you had never thought of.

Meaningful Career Paths as a Professional Life Coach

If you’ve found that after years of hard work that you put into earning your well-deserved degree, you are now finding the doors it has opened are to the local coffee shop or an entry-level job, you may be questioning if all your effort was worth it. In today’s complex job market positions, you may be infinitely more qualified for jobs that are now going to people who’ve had the time, resources and opportunity to finish a Masters, leaving you wondering how you can use your skills and talents to help other people while helping improve your own quality of life. This is where a career as a life coach/mentor for troubled teens and young adults can be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
While your educational credentials are very helpful when working in this field, there is more to being a life coach for young adults than simply telling someone what they need to do to overcome their personal obstacles. With our school systems becoming so generic and the world trying harder than ever to compartmentalize people, teens and twenty-somethings who learn in ways different from the majority of their peers may find that fitting in and succeeding are harder tasks than they are prepared to deal with. Life coaching not only helps disenfranchised youth discover the answers to their troubles, it teaches them how to find the tools they already possess to be the best they can be. The training you will receive from Mentors Professional Workshop, mixed with your education and personal life experiences will empower you to interact successfully one-on-one with a client who finds themselves overwhelmed. This can make all the difference between them spending their life in a rewarding and satisfying career or becoming just another drop-out statistic.

Helping Others Helps You

While working as a mentor has infinite benefits to the troubled teen or young adult, it is also a practical and rewarding way to help yourself. Ken Rabow’s Mentoring Program is certified in three levels, with salaries ranging from around $35/h for First Degree Mentors to $100/h for Master Level Mentors.
1st Degree Mentors – This level focuses on some of the more common issues a young person might have, such as:
  • Learning to re-start if something goes wrong
  • Mild addictions to video games or marijuana
  • Learning to organize, create and follow schedules and succeed in school work
2nd Degree Mentors – This level concentrates on helping individuals with more challenging issues such as:
  • Working with children who may have mild mental health issues that are treated and under medical supervision
  • Helping develop potential in clients with major anxiety issues or Aspergers Syndrome
  • Assisting clients with more moderate addictions and those wishing to return to school, work or trade courses
Master Level Mentors – This level assists clients with more serious concerns, such as:
  • Those showing signs that may point to issues with eating disorders, depression, mania, debilitating anxiety, paranoia or schizophrenia
  • Helping clients create plans to receive medical treatment and develop methods to keep those plans on track
  • Creating an environment of trust and understanding to help crisis families deal with issues they feel are insurmountable
These are just some of the issues you will run into as a professional mentor, and your guidance and direction can make all the difference in helping someone dealing with these concerns not only get their life back on track, but also feel that they have control of their world once more.
For more information on this exciting and rewarding career path, visit one of the reputable Life Coach and Mentoring programs described online, such as Mentors Professional Workshop by Life Coach / Master Level Mentor and author Ken Rabow.
Don’t let your talent and experience go to waste. Find a meaningful career path as a life coach / mentor today!

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